AI-DAY Workshop Series

AI-DAY workshops are all held at AUT on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th April.

These practical 90 minute sessions are designed for business people across all disciplines. They are not super technical, you don’t have to be a data scientist or developer to attend.

A workshop pass to attend all 8 workshops over two days is just $295pp. That’s $36.80 per workshop but huge impact back to your organisation.


Workshop one

Data Insight - How to identify a business problem to solve with Artificial Intelligence

A practical workshop to help business and technical leaders work together to identify practical business problems within different industries that could be solved with AI.

Facilitated by


9am - 10.30am - Wednesday April 3rd


AUT - Conference Centre


Workshop two

Microsoft - End to end Building of ML/DL apps on Azure - Julian Lee


So you’ve built a Machine Learning Model; What’s next?

In this workshop, we share the entire Machine Learning process, of operationalisation and monitoring your model over time.

Trigger model update scenarios or automate the entire pipeline from raw data to ML API.

Learn how to do so with Azure Data Factory, Azure ML Services, AKS and also our new Azure DevOps.


11.00am - 12.30pm - Wednesday April 3rd


AUT - Conference Centre


Workshop three


A hands-on workshop where you will explore four AI techniques to gain an understanding of their practical applications. 

This session is suitable for those with no coding or data science experience and will require participants to bring a laptop.

Facilitated by Aware Group’s Chief Technology Officer Jourdan Templeton.


1.00pm - 2.30pm - Wednesday April 3rd


AUT - Conference Centre


Workshop Four

Spark and Qrious


Zahraa Almulla, Analytics Lead, Riki Mitchell, BI Visualisation Consultant and Oleksandr Fialko, Data Scientist from Qrious will showcase its Kiwi Bird Analysis and work with NZ Cricket.


Spark will demo it’s BOT story and this will be presented by Neill McGowan, Data Enabler and Anshuman Banerjee, Data analytics and Visualisation Chapter Lead – both in the Data and Automation Tribe at Spark.


3.00pm - 4.30pm - Wednesday April 3rd


AUT - Conference Centre


Workshop Five

Jade - Eduard Liebenberger

Want to know what's involved in "hiring" a digital employee? 

Jade's Head of Digital will take you through this practical exercise that will give you great insights into the nature of creating and onboarding a true digital employee (next gen chatbot)  and demonstrate various AI technologies like NLP, NLG and ML mixed with good old fashion "Digital" at work!


9am - 10.30pm - Thursday April 4th


AUT - Conference Centre


Workshop Six

Designing your company’s next influencer: bringing your brand to life in a digital world

Jody Boshoff – FaceMe and Nick Niblett – Blue eye deer

AI means brands can now put ‘digital skin’ on our their brand. Chatbots and Digital Assistants/Humans now enable us to embody companies as never before – but their ‘personas’ need to be carefully crafted to create memorable, believable and valuable client experiences.

These are the influencers of the future! FaceMe has created Digital Humans for some of the world’s largest brands.

We’ll share some lessons learnt around bringing brands to life in Digital Human form with Brand Strategists Blue Eye Deer weighing in on trends and how to design your brand’s persona to create memorable client experiences.


11am - 12.30pm - Thursday April 4th


AUT - Conference Centre


Workshop Seven

IBM - A peek behind the magical AI curtain

Ever wondered what was behind the technology? Want to know how to rapidly build AI systems? How would you get business buy in?

The IBM team will build AI components LIVE and pair this with how to drive a business use case from creation, validation to taking a AI system to business as usual.

The IBM team will take you through their hands on experiences in delivering a successful AI initiative – insights on how to run and build an AI enriched system. This includes the technology, the process and the involved teams in a real life example.

This will be a highly interactive audience participation session. So come along and let us show you a peek behind the AI curtain. Its show time!


  • Isuru Fernando, Head of Artificial Intelligence, IBM NZ

  • Giovanni Vigorelli, Digital and Cloud Innovation Leader, IBM NZ 

  • Gloria Yi, Client Technical Specialist, IBM NZ


1pm - 2.30pm - Thursday April 4th


AUT - Conference Centre


Workshop Eight

AUT - DR Mahsa Mohaghegh

Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh will Chair a session with three AUT academics currently working in the AI space:

  • Maryam Doborieh - Neuro marketing and spiking Neural networks

  • Nuttanan Wichitaksorn -  Analytics in Action

  • Dave Parry  -  What sort of human does AI ?


3pm - 4.30pm - Thursday April 4th


AUT - Conference Centre